The Restaurant

Haftsin restaurant the Persian grill house is situated on Burley road, within walking minuets of Leeds city center. Haftsin restaurant has been proud to be the greatest host of providing the most delicious Persian / Iranian food and Mediterranean food.

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If you are looking for high stranded Iranian or Mediterranean restaurant in Leeds, then try Haftsin once and will do the best to make sure you will come back again, With 10 years of experience, friendly service and excellent atmosphere, Haftsin has been know as one of top Persian / Mediterranean restaurant in Leeds.


If it’s special to you then it is special to us. Hire our function room for your events, Birthday Party, Anniversaries or any other special occasions. We are fixable and we try to hire our function room to anyone looking for function room in Leeds. Contact us today to see how Haftsin can help you celebrate your event.