Haftsin the Persian grill house is situated on Burley road, with walking minutes of the city centre. At Haftsin, we are proud to provide the best Persian cuisine with a friendly service and good atmosphere, lunch and dinner (Naahaar & Shaam) are not distinguished in Persian.

Persian cuisine

Persian cuisine or the cuisine of Iran is diverse, with each province featuring dishes, culinary traditions and styles distinct to their regions. It includes a wide variety of foods ranging from Chelo kebab (Barg, Koubideh Joojeh, Shishleek, Soltani, Chenjeh), Khoresht (stew that is served with basmati saffron rice: Ghormeh sabzi, Gheimeh and others), Aash (a thick soup: as a example Ash-e anar) Polo (white rice alone or with addition of meat and/or vegetables and herbs, including Zereshk polo, Baghali polo and others, and a diverse variety of salads, pastries, and drinks specific to different parts of Iran. The list of Persian recipes, appetizers and desserts is extensive.


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